Congratulations to Marvin and Debra Moor! –The winners of the ‘second chance’ at the Second Chances motorcycles!

Destiny Boggs was the lucky mini bike winner!

Just over 3500 tickets were sold! After John and Tona Rozum won the motorcycles, and generously donated them back to Abbott House, we sold another 917!

Thanks to all of you for changing the lives of Abbott House girls.



Welcome to Abbott House


Abbott House is a private charity that provides residential treatment services to girls between the age of seven and seventeen. Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, the agency was founded in 1939 as a memorial to renowned social activist, Grace Abbott. The agency provides not only intensive treatment but also foster care in a therapeutic home. The Abbott House is truly dedicated to providing Premier Services for Girls and Families.



What does Abbott House do?

Established in 1939, Abbott House is the only all girl facility in the State of SD that strives to provide premier services for girls who have suffered abuse and neglect and their families.

Who does Abbott House serve?

Abbott House focuses on helping girls, ages 7 to 18, who:

have little or no family support

  • have endured extreme trauma
  • experienced sexual, physical, emotional, and mental abuse
  • have be diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ADHD
  • have had suicidal thoughts

How many girls does Abbott House serve?

Abbott House has a capacity to serve 40 girls at one time with an average occupancy rate of 95%.

  • Girls served in 2011: 65
  • Girls served in 2012: 65
  • Girls served in 2013: 64
  • Girls served in 2014: 76

We are currently working on an expansion that will allow Abbott House to serve more children in the near future.

What services are available?

Abbott House provides the following:

    • Psychiatric Residential Treatment
    • Therapeutic Foster Care
    • Independent Living Program
    • Special Education School

Abbott House offers a clinical approach to treatment:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Sexual abuse therapy
  • Anger and mood management


The goals of Abbott House and its staff is to provide premier service to girls and families.  We do this using common principles of :

Family Focus,
Individualized Programs, and
for our girls, families, staff and community.

Girls Show Academic Improvement

Girls Dismissed Positively

Interpersonal Distress Score Improvement


For 75 years Abbott House has provided girls ages seven to seventeen with a second change at youth—a place of hope and recovery for those who have suffered trauma and abuse.Without help now, many of these young women perpetuate the cycle of violence and punish themselves indefinitely for the tragedy that was placed on their shoulders. It is a place where girls get another chance to turn the abuse and victimization of their past into experiences they live with, but that do not overwhelm their lives. Abbott House strives to provide premier services for girls and their families.

Abbott House Board of Directors

  • Dustin Johnson, President
  • Sonya Clark , Vice President
  • Tim Smith, Secretary
  • John Dewitte, Treasurer
  • Anne Dailey, Past President
  • Marlene Haines
  • Mary Fuchs
  • Wayne Klinger
  • Laura Klock
  • Rev. Keith Nash
  • Sr. Roxanne Seifert
  • Dawn Swenson
  • Fredel Thomas
  • Brad Zomer
  • RJ Rylance
  • Ken Novak


Abbott House Foundation Board

  • Gopal Vyas, President
  • Gene Juffer, Vice President
  • Robert Smetana, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Rev. Boyd Blumer
  • Jack Buschelman
  • Rod Colvin
  • Tona Rozum

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