Employment at Abbott House

Abbott House offers a variety of rewards in terms of employment. In addition to a full benefits package, employees are able to grow in their careers through extensive training and annual and performance salary reviews. We offer competitive wages, and a work environment that is intellectually stimulating and personally satisfying.

We are currently seeking applicants for the following positions:

Foster Parents – Abbott House Foster Parents are special people who have a special place in their hearts for children.  If you want to help children overcome their past and be successful.  This position is for you!  Foster parents live as a family in a home provided by Abbott House with up to six homeless children who have no safe place to call “home” and no family.  Foster parents receive training and support to ensure they are prepared to handle all types of traumatized children.  Foster parents receive a full time salary, a complete benefit package, automobiles to transport children and many other support services.

Youth Engagement Specialist– The Youth Engagement Specialists spend their day nurturing, leading group discussions and managing young people to insure their safety and guide them in daily interactions with other students and staff members.  Youth Engagement Specialists (YES) have a four day work week with varying hours.

Crisis Management Team Member-This position works with our youth in crisis and non-crisis situations and assists with daily facility maintenance.  Most evenings, crisis management team members will be playing games with young people, having discussions or helping them prepare for bed.  This is a great position for individuals who want to make some extra money at the end of the day.  Crisis management team members work primarily evening and weekend hours in a part-time or full-time capacity.

Family Teacher  within Bridges Foster Care – Family Teachers are like aunts and uncles to our foster children.  The family teacher is a full time position who provides respite care to our foster children when the foster parents are off duty.  Family teachers assume an integral role in providing care and services to our foster children.  The family teachers will stay at the foster home overnight, serving as the “parent” of the foster home while the foster parents have days off.

Special Education Teacher– If your heart fills with pride and a smile crosses your face as you watch a child succeed then this job is for you!  Abbott House is looking for a qualified teacher who wants to teach in an independent learning environment.  This position works with youth who are emotionally, behaviorally and learning disabled to help them overcome their challenges and enhance their social and academic functioning.  Abbott House teachers work 40 hours/week year round.

Cook/ Housekeeping– The Cooks and Housekeepers at Abbott House are the employees who really make our residents happy.  There’s nothing more important than good food and a clean home; which is what the Cook and Housekeeping positions are responsible for daily.  Ensuring safety, sanitation and nutritious meals are the most important areas of this position.

Unit Director– Unit Directors have one of the most challenging and rewarding positions at Abbott House.  They are the leader of their units.  They oversee the staff members and girls in the area they are supervising ensuring that high standards of safety and special precautions are taken to prevent harm or injury to residents or staff.  In addition, they work with staff and girls to implement and accomplish all treatment objectives the children need.  They ensure  the daily needs of all children are met.  Unit Directors model best practices and coach their staff to be the best they can be.

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