Educational Services

Finding a way to learn…

It’s not unusual for the student that comes to Abbott House to be average or even above average in ability but their functions well below their potential because of the stresses of family life and/or unproductive behaviors. Learning problems, low self-esteem and interrupted educational backgrounds further compromise the student’s ability to succeed in school. For all of these reasons, the educational part of the Abbott House program is considered essential to the total treatment process.

Our academic approach is to provide a special education school that meets all the standards for students with special needs because of emotional or behavioral adjustment problems. After thorough assessment, each student who attends the Abbott House School is placed on her own Individual Education Plan. The assessments used include; achievement testing, classroom observations, psychological testing, personal interviews, and a past history analysis. A team consisting of the parents, the student, or residential staff, social workers, and our teachers review the assessment information to create a plan that addresses the student’s specific needs. The framework for the school affords some students the opportunity to make-up credits toward graduation and perhaps graduate with their age mates even though they had fallen far behind.

Most of our students are integrated into some classes at the Mitchell School system before they leave Abbott House. Children that achieve all their credits for graduation at Abbott House will receive their diploma from Mitchell High School.

If the student is unlikely to graduate from high school with a traditional diploma, the Abbott House School will provide assistance for achieving a GED by providing directed study. Testing is available in the community.

The classroom environment is one that consists of 12 students with a teacher and aides to help provide individual attention. Individualized attention is taken very serious in the Abbott House School and students frequently work one-on-one with teachers and aides. Our teachers have either special education endorsements or they are credentialed as classroom teachers. In addition, the school year at Abbott House is 250 days each year. This provides ample opportunities to accelerate the student’s academic placement or to really address the achievement deficits that have caused them problems throughout their life.