Build Abbott Motorcycle Rebuild

New Inspire Motorcycle

Meet INSPIRE, a 2013 Harley Davidson Road King rebuilt and custom designed by Abbott House foster children as part of the Helping With Horsepower bike rebuild program. INSPIRE simply had nothing special about it. No one had invested in this bike or tried to make it the beautiful bike it could be. As part of the Build Abbott project, 24 youth from four Bridges by Abbott House therapeutic foster homes transformed the bike as they rebuilt their lives.

“I picked this name to inspire others to try things they don’t have in interest in,” said the foster child who won the motorcycle naming contest. “I like the word ‘Inspire’ because other people – like my foster family – inspire me.”

We hope this motorcycle inspires you to support Abbott House children by purchasing a raffle ticket or two!

The one-of-a-kind motorcycle will be raffled off.  Tickets are $100 each.  Only 750 tickets will be sold and there are only 275 tickets left!  Because of our generous sponsors, all of the proceed go directly to provide therapy and education for Abbott House children.


Bike Build Logos

History of the project

Abbott House children have rebuilt five damaged motorcycles as part of the Helping With Horsepower program from 2011 to 2017 while rebuilding their own lives. Due to the success of the past motorcycle projects, Abbott House has decided to restart the motorcycle rebuild program with the youth living in newly established Bridges by Abbott House therapeutic foster homes.

This re-established project brings together facilitators, Katie and James Washnok, owners of Blackout Industries, Black Hills Harley Davidson, a new group of youth and numerous sponsors.  The facilitators and Abbott House foster children met frequently in the “shop” at Black Hills Harley Davidson to create a beautiful motorcycle with a uniqueness all its own. The four month hands-on project gave Bridges by Abbott House foster children the practical, hands-on experience of repairing and customizing a motorcycle while learning many life lessons.  The young people assessed the damage on the motorcycle, took it apart, had a contest for the paint design and name of the motorcycle.  They also selected all of the enhancements – color, individual design, new handle bars, saddle bags, exhaust and other features.  Hands-on work helps our youth understand they have the power and the skills to improve the motorcycle all while improving their own lives.