Parent/Guardian Satisfaction Survey

If you are a parent or guardian of a resident, we invite you to fill out our Quality Assurance Parent Satisfaction Survey. You can complete this survey online by filling out the form below or you can print the survey and mail it to:

Abbott House
909 Court Merrill
Mitchell, SD 57301

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    1. Courtesy and helpfulness of the staff you have met:

    2. Your communication with the resident's Coordinator or Director:

    3. Manner in which your concerns are heard and dealt with:

    5. Appropriateness of the educational program provided for your child:

    6. Medical care provided meets the child's needs:

    7. Safety of the treatment program:

    4. Appropriateness of the child's treatment plan goals and objectives:

    8. The number of family sessions held with Abbott House:

    9. The quality of family services provided by Abbott House:

    10. Overall quality of the treatment received:

    11. General impression of Abbott House:

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