Performance and Quality Improvement System PQI

Abbott House
Performance and Quality Improvement Process

Abbott House has endorsed a system of Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI). The Agency uses data to identify areas of needed improvement and implement improvement plans in support of achieving performance targets, program goals, client satisfaction, and positive client outcomes.
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The process of Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) was adopted by the Abbott House with the goal of having the agency operate in the most effective and efficient manner possible. A hallmark of this comprehensive approach to PQI is the promotion of a broad-based, organization-wide process inclusive of staff and stakeholders, as a vital, necessary management tool. The purpose of PQI is to continually monitor and assess the quality of service and the working environment at Abbott House. We want to ensure that the needs of the youth served, their families, staff, cooperating agencies and the community at large are being met within the scope of the mission and purpose of Abbott House. PQI examines the effectiveness of existing services and the working environment through the systematic collection of data in order to monitor and assess the “condition” of Abbott House as a whole.

As a new stakeholder in this organization your input is important to the process and to ensure that the agency meets our goal of continually improving the services we provide. The Agency continues to improve its processes and monitors a multitude of outcomes to provide feedback to various teams, the PQI committee and the Board of Directors.

Please take time to fill out the appropriate surveys as they are presented and provide feedback to help Abbott House continue to learn and grow to best meet the needs of those that we serve.